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Over the past several years, Mars has been on a journey to map our palm oil supply chain. Today, we’ve achieved 98% traceability to the mill level, and since 2018, we have published our full mill lists to show our progress. We had more than 1,500 mills supplying raw material, a number far too complex to manage, especially for a company that uses only 0.1% of the world’s palm oil.

Crece la familia en Mars Petcare México

“En Mars Petcare trabajamos todos los días para hacer Un Mundo Mejor para las Mascotas y junto con el Centro de Investigación Waltham, buscamos atender los requerimientos nutricionales y de comportamiento de los animales de compañía, ofreciendo productos innovadores que ayudan a mantenerlos saludables, además de cubrir las diferentes necesidades que nuestros consumidores y sus tutores puedan tener: preferencia de ingredientes, tamaño y etapa de vida de la mascota, precio, lugar de compra, entre otros factores”, destacó Alfonso Verduzco, Director de Demanda para Mars Petcare.


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Informe del CGF sobre riesgos de trabajo forzoso en el aceite de palma

A new report, commissioned by the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), has found that there are risks of forced labor in the palm sector in Indonesia and Malaysia. Through the Consumer Goods Forum’s Palm Oil Taskforce, Mars supported this research, as part of our ongoing commitment to advance respect for human rights.

Our Palm Positive Plan

Our Palm Positive Plan

Our Palm Positive Plan

Aceite de palma

Mars is on a journey to transform how we source palm oil. 

Today palm oil is used in more than half the world’s packaged goods, across both food and personal care items. And, when produced sustainably, palm can deliver value through the entire supply chain. But, the old way of doing things – buying the lowest cost commodities – just won’t do if we are to address and ultimately fix a broken supply chain. As buyers, we have an opportunity to drive social and environmental change that can make things better for people and for the planet that we share.