Mars Mentorship Program Offers New Opportunities for Women in Global Emerging Markets

With only two females on a team of fifteen, the Global Emerging Markets [formally known as Asia-Australia, Middle East & Africa (AMEA)] leadership team realized they had to take action. 

To assess the challenges, the office commissioned a survey to ask what women needed to succeed. Several women voiced their opinions for more advice and support — and in response, the team launched this Mentorship Program in 2018. 

Now, not even a year later, the program redefines how women receive support on their leadership journey.

Report: Mars Food on Pace to Meet Target of One Billion More Healthy Meals on Dinner Tables Ahead of Schedule in 2019

Food is more than what we eat. It’s the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. One of the best ways we bond with friends and family is over a meal. For farmers around the world, it’s how they make their living. These facts guide every decision to make better food today to create a better world tomorrow. 

Sustainably Sourcing Rice Far The Future

Rice is a staple for half the global population, so it needs to be protected. As the maker of UNCLE BEN’S®, the world’s largest global rice brand, we are working to create a sustainable rice supply that can help support business growth and the nutritional needs of a growing population. 

As always, we’re challenging ourselves to transform how we do business today, to help create the world we want to see tomorrow. And how our products’ rice is grown plays a big part.  

The Power of Belonging: The Heart of Innovation at Mars


In today’s world it’s widely recognized that people are hard-wired to belong and to feel accepted by others. In fact, science says the need to belong is a fundamental source of motivation, impacting our personal productivity and our organizational performance. When American psychologist Abraham Maslow developed his ‘hierarchy of needs’, he pinpointed how important a feeling of belonging is.